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In Pontius Pilate , a Borges-like fiction by the French literary theorist and former surrealist Roger Caillois, the Roman governor of Judea who ordered the death by crucifixion of Jesus instead releases him under the protection of imperial legionaries. The charismatic Jewish prophet carries on preaching and dies at a great age. He leaves a reputation for holiness, and pilgrimages are made to his grave. If Tom Holland is right, there would be no modern secular civilisation either. Like dust particles so fine as to be invisible to the naked eye, they were breathed in equally by everyone: believers, atheists and those who never paused to think about religion. Secular liberals dismiss Christianity as a fairy tale, but their values and their view of history remain essentially Christian. The Christian story tells of the son of God being put to death on a cross. In the Roman world, this was the fate of criminals and those who challenged imperial power. Christianity brought with it a moral revolution.

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Most Christians in Western Europe today are non-practicing, but Christian identity still remains a meaningful religious, social and cultural marker, according to a new Pew Research Center survey of 15 countries in Western Europe. Rising shares of adults in Western Europe describe themselves as religiously unaffiliated, and about half or more in several countries say they are neither religious nor spiritual.

In every country except Italy, non-practicing Christians that is, those who attend church no more than a few times a year outnumber church-attending Christians those who attend church weekly or monthly. Non-practicing Christians also outnumber religiously unaffiliated adults in most countries surveyed.

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When I teach anthropology students about religion, I illustrate the holistic integration of a religion and its wider cultural context with examples from the US like Christian dating e. I will now add cowboy Christianity to that list. Aspiring pastors and church leaders in particular must demonstrate their authentic cowboy identity sometimes literally preaching from horseback , and the style and space of worship must convey a convincing cowboy ethos.

Still, altogether this makes for a distinctly limited clientele, and one problem faced by cowboy churches is their small, fluid, and relatively unstable groups. An additional area of considerable interest, examined in the second chapter, is the culturally-constructed image of the American cowboy. In the third chapter, Dallam discusses how the cowboy church movement arose from rodeo chaplaincies and ministries.

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Austin on Nov. The Wildcats are first in total yards per game in the Southland Conference at yards per game, second in scoring offense ACU also leads the league in first downs with , including 32 in last week’s loss to Incarnate Word.

Our purpose is to present, to cowboys and all whom they influence, the Good News of Jesus Christ and the adventure of receiving Him as Savior and Lord.

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Powered by WP Bannerize. As we are entering the third millennium, however, we are witnessing the end of hegemonic European Christianity due to a dual process of advanced secularization in post-Christian Europe and of the increasing globalization of a de-territorialized and de-centered Christianity. Thus, the thousand-year-old association between Christianity and Western European civilization is coming to an end.

Western Europe is less and less the core of Christian civilization and Christianity in its most dynamic forms today is less and less European. In the first part of my presentation, I will examine briefly three epochal moments in this millenarian history:.

Most Christians in Western Europe today are non-practicing, but Christian identity still remains a meaningful religious, social and cultural.

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This course follows the extraordinary development of Western Christianity from its early persecution under the Roman Empire in the third century to its global expansion with the Jesuits of the early modern world. We explore the dynamic and diverse character of a religion with an enormous cast characters. We will meet men and women who tell stories of faith as well as of violence, suppression, and division.

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A Journey through Western Christianity: from Persecuted Faith to Global Religion (200 – 1650)

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Anthony Grafton, a Fellow of the American Academy since , is a professor of history and chair of the Council of the Humanities at Princeton University. He and his men had long since passed the boundaries of the space that Europeans had traditionally navigated. They did not and could not know exactly where they were. Still, they were confident that they knew one thing: when they had arrived. They inscribed the cross with a commemorative message, which dated their coming, with a precision that boggles the modern mind, to the year of the world To obtain this date they used a method as traditional as their exploits in navigation were radical.

The Greek text of the Old Testament, the Septuagint, and most Western world chronicles held that fifty-two hundred years had passed between the Creation and the Incarnation. In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, as everyone knows, European explorers ranged the world and revolutionized — among many other things — the study of geography. They discovered unknown continents to the west and made contact with a vast range of societies in Africa and Asia as well as the Americas. When Europeans had known only three continents — Asia, Europe, and Africa — they could easily trace the population of each of them back to one of the three sons of Noah.

But from whom did the inhabitants of the Americas descend?

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