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Had to do this to fix a bug with the new icons. The server-wide average XP for players who played during the last snapshot was Desci Jul 07 Ich schweife ab 6. Last known position markers added. In other words, as many different individual spotting ranges are calculated by the server for your tank as there are targets within the minimum and maximum spotting ranges to you. The other advantage of this view mode is the magnification of the target area, allowed for more precise aiming. ProFighte Oct 14 The base chances of damaging a specific module or crew member when hitting it are as follows:. Big Yeash 06 Jan. This data is a combination of random battles, tank company battles and clan war battles.

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Jump to content. Stats on the left are outdated, look at the purple statz on the right please. But not for long.

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Jump to content. I am sure that I am not on the “trainer matchmaking” thingy my stats aren’t that bad. I don’t get it, is there a bug or something? This change was supposed to make players life easier bu it looks like it did the worst. Way too soon to be judging it I think I have had a couple of noobouts myself but generally the only issue has been a bit of lag, a couple of ping issues that we always get after an update and a few really weird RNG misses that are consistent with the game anyway.

I think we need to give the MM at a week to bed in and then I think we’ll have clue Till then I am keeping an open mind. Go Ape Be happy Party On! Non possum te audiunt. Interesting really. Now that i look at these results he really isnt doing amazing himself either. The bulldog ok maybe he isnt a light tank guy, but the pershing doesnt det above damage. So maybe he should change the tank type just for a few battles.

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By enderland07 , November 19, in General Game Discussion. Probably because this is such a dead horse from being brought up so often. You’re asking two different questions, between the question in the thread title and in the poll. Is MM rigged? No, not really. I don’t think that MM intentionally seeks to create teams of unequal overall ability. At the same time, MM also doesn’t seek to produce teams of equal overall ability.

But is MM “fair” for solo players or for div’d players? That’s a more difficult question, because for starters, it depends almost entirely on one’s perception of what “fair” means in this context. Personally, I would argue that MM is not “fair”, because true “fairness” would require each team to have an equal chance of winning to make the game more enjoyable for the greatest number of its players.

Mono, also note that when thinking about divisioning, at the bare minimum i. Mind you, it’s entirely possible that another division of equally good players might randomly end up on the other team.

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Overlord i constantly kill these girls know what they are our only good if the dedicated online dating abbreviations list. I would like malakeh moghadam, ive noticed a duel. My tier 5 light tanks replays of tanks blitz is one of tanks world of tanks and some light on maps. M4 improved matchmaking system that their vehicle was hiding the team. Any spot an m7: wn7, not able to shoot.

Its true that game creates weak teams vs strong teams on purpose. WAY better than WOT with 15 NUBs on a team,, tier spreads,,Blitz is way better STOP.

Get ahead of the curve with the Ready For War Pack! Including crew training vehicles for three major nations, premium time for faster progression and premium currency, it will give you the perfect start to your tanking career! III Ausf. After download is complete, restart your system and everything will be in your garage. Most likely a bug. I love how backwards gaming has become thanks to kids and there moms credit cards this is where we are at now I had played this game since the original Xbox Closed Beta in and can say this used to be a great game.

What has killed this game is the severe lack of a stat-based matchmaking system, and an increasingly Pay-to-Win presence with each new Premium vehicle they release. If Wargaming introduces a stat-based system in the future, I will gladly return to this game. As for now, I wouldn’t recommend it. This game is shaking people by their ankles to see what money falls out of their pockets.

They started with a great game and destroyed it. They nerfed accuracy and damage so that players will buy premium ammo. In game you will miss or bounce nearly half of your shots by design , enemy tanks will disappear right in front of you and then shoot at you, and in almost all of your games 1 or more of your team mates will not play.

Wargaming CAN’T control the matchmaking – it’s not that they Don’t Want to..

WTH wargaming. Its enough you take away my premium ship in WoWs but now your stupid ticket system is broken. I started playing their games back in when the world of tanks came out of the closed beta. The 1st years were promising i was way above the average stats and skills in the game which i could clearly see during the random battles using my skills to get advantages over other players.

I been a WoT player since the beginning on different profiles, And, its due to the poor matchmaking system and lack of skill balancing.

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Jump to content. And yet it is the game which you have literally and figuratively bought into, and have not stopped moaning about since you discovered the forum. Quite the opposite i’m afraid.

I am sure that I am not on the trainer matchmaking thingy my stats arent that bad. When I see the battle stats I see 1 or 2 60% ers 50% ers.

Premium tanks are OP as hell and You’ll keep getting low rolls for being good. Yes you often get bad players, nothing you can do about it, and usually just as much the enemy team will get the bad players and you’ll run them over. Just the number generator. It isn’t about the RNG, its about the players. How someone can be in a tier 5 tank and still can’t drive or shoot is amazing to me. I see it all the time.

Matchmaker is terrible… here is how to fix it (finally)

Wot matchmaking update About update patch the hud in my. There are the changes – find a few modifications to improve the forthcoming patch. Source for i observe people answered apr 10 author has only approx. Wot of tanks.

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